Board Documents

Mission Statement

The Lincoln Public Library is a community hub ensuring equal access to resources and opportunities for thinking, playing, learning and growing.

Vision Statement

The Lincoln Public Library is a vibrant community destination.  Residents are well informed about the library’s offerings and access relevant and evolving library services wherever they are in whatever way they choose.  Services include current collections, local history resources, cultural offerings, dynamic spaces, and up-to-date technology.  Library staff is personable, knowledgeable, technologically competent and skilled at collaboration and community engagement. The library is committed to community partnerships and continuous improvement.

Annual Report

2017 (brochure) 
2016 (brochure)
 2014 (full)
 2014 (brochure)

Strategic Plan

2006, 20072012, 2016-2019 (Actions & Workplan)


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A: Bylaws

A-2 Composition of the Board
A-4 Terms of Ref: Chair
A-5 Vice Chair
A-6 Secretary Treasurer
A-7 Committees of the Board

B: Board Governance & Administration

B-1 Responsibilities of the Board
B-2 Qualifications of Library Board Members
B-3 Board Meetings
B-7 Strategic Planning
B-8 Library Advocacy
B-11 Board Expenses
B-12 Gift Acceptance
B-13 Donor Recognition
B-14 Planned Giving Program
B-15 Sponsorships
B-16 Purchasing
B-21 Complex Fundraising Committee Terms of Reference

C: Facilities

C-1 General
C-2 Meeting Room Use
C-3 Art and Other Exhibitions
C-5 Displays and Bulletin Boards
C-8 Telephones
C-10 Unattended Children
C-11 Schedule of Service
C-12 Community Information Policy
D: Collection Development
D-1 Collection Development Policy
E: Circulation
E-2 Library Cards: Eligibility and Registration
E-3 Loan Periods: Limits and Renewals
E-4 Interlibrary Loan
E-5 Fines and Fees
E-6 Lost and Damaged Materials
E-7 Equipment Rentals
F: Service Access
F-2 Public Internet Access
F-3 Internet Code of Ethics
F-8 Volunteers
F-10 Young Adult Services
F-11 Accessible Customer Service
F-12 Social Media
F-18 Homebound Service
G: Personnel
G-2 Benefits
G-3 Conditions of Employment
G-6 Employee Use of Email & Internet
G-15 Professional Development
G-18 Statutory Holidays


Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment (2012)