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Thank you for your contribution to Lincoln Public Library. Your donation will play a role in enhancing library services to the community. For more information about making a gift to the library, call the Chief Executive Officer at 905.563.7014 or make an online donation today through PayPal.




Donate Books, DVDs and CDs

Reference: LPL Board Policy D-3, Topic: General Selection Principle, #3 - Donations.

The library welcomes donations during library business hours, but reserves the right to decide whether or not the gift will be added to the library collection.


The Library does not accept books or magazines that:

i. Have yellowed pages

ii. Have torn pages or damaged covers

iii. Have been previously repaired

iv. Have water of mildew spots

v. Emit unpleasant odors

vi. Are extremely dusty or soiled

vii. Have underlined or marked text

viii. Have been published over five years ago, unless they are about the history of Town of Lincoln and area.


The Library does not accept CDs, talking books or DVDs that:

i. Are badly scratched

ii. Are missing pieces if there is more than one CD or DVD in the set


A donated item, if accepted by the library, may not be selected for the collection if, for instance, it does not meet collection guidelines, is outdated or a duplicate, or because the library does not have sufficient space to accommodate it.


The Library does not provide evaluation of gifts for tax receipts or other purposes. If a donor wishes an evaluation, it will be done at his or her expense.


Library Staff will verbally inform the donor of the library’s donation policy (listed above).