Library Board

The Lincoln Public Library Board is composed of seven community members and two Town Councillors appointed by and accountable to the Town of Lincoln Council. Library Board members serve a four-year term that corresponds with that of Council.

Board members’ duties include establishing committees, setting library policies, managing finances, planning and ensuring that library operations are conducted in accordance with the Ontario Public Libraries Act, its regulations, and other relevant legislation.

Board Members

Chair: Donna Burton
Vice-Chair: Terry Teather
Donna Edwards
Ruth Gretsinger
Joanna Kocsis
Anna Murre
Councillor JD Pachereva
Councillor Adam Russell
Jennifer Thiessen

Board Information

Mission Statement

The Lincoln Public Library is a community hub ensuring equal access to resources and opportunities for thinking, playing, learning and growing.

Vision Statement

The Lincoln Public Library is a vibrant community destination.  Residents are well informed about the library’s offerings and access relevant and evolving library services wherever they are in whatever way they choose.  Services include current collections, local history resources, cultural offerings, dynamic spaces, and up-to-date technology.  Library staff is personable, knowledgeable, technologically competent and skilled at collaboration and community engagement. The library is committed to community partnerships and continuous improvement.

Board Meetings

The Lincoln Public Library Board meets at 7 pm on the third Tuesday of each month, except for July and August. Currently meetings take place via Zoom. Contact CEO Julie Andrews at if you would like to attend.


Board Documents

Annual Report
2020 (video)
2017 (brochure) 
2016 (brochure)
Email CEO Julie Andrews at for library board policies.
Strategic Plan
LPL Strategic Goals Brochure
2020-2023 Strategic Goals