Decodable Books for Dyslexia

New decodable books for kids and teens with dyslexia have been added to library shelves. Look for the red “Decodable” sticker on the spine or place a hold in the catalogue.

It’s estimated between 5 and 20 percent of people have dyslexia. This learning disorder makes it difficult for a person to recognize letters and words and how they relate to one another. The text in decodable books is limited to words made of letter-sounds. This makes the words more readable and increases reading confidence for people with dyslexia.

This new collection of books is generously funded by a grant from the International Dyslexia Association of Ontario. Find information about dyslexia, including symptoms, assessment, and resources on the IDA Ontario website.

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Read October is a month-long fundraiser that raises money for public libraries to purchase dyslexia-friendly materials. Donations can be made online.

Dyslexic font is also available for eBooks on Libby by Overdrive. This option provides greater contrast and makes it easier to determine letters.

Contact us for help finding books to support all readers or to make suggestions to add to the shelves.